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ATARI is your number one business VoIP & Managed IT Provider for the best voice, data, and network products and solutions on the market. Providing anything from powerful core communications platforms to tools for improving your company’s efficiency and productivity, to even some of the best business VoIP solutions for streamlining your data and network needs, we have all you need to make sure your company can survive in the 21st Century. Truly, with over 25 years of experience successfully providing solutions to meet your ever-changing business needs, ATARI is the Data & Telecom provider you need to improve on your business IT Solutions & VoIP implementations.

Telephone Systems

We provide independent and unbiased advice on the best solution for your organisations communication requirements. There is a vast array of technologies and terminology associated with modern telephone and communications systems. At ATARI we provide a solution tailored for your organisation based on functional, technical and budgetary requirement.

Broadband, Leased Lines, SIP & VOIP

We deliver award winning, high quality, affordable broadband service with fast download and upload speeds depending on your telephone line and location, plus the opportunity to take advantage of our superfast fibre optic services. We can offer the latest IP technologies including SIP trunks and VOIP, giving you the potential to transform your business,

Low Cost Call & Charges

Customers who move to Clear Telecom have no disruption to their service – we simply enable your local telephone exchange to route your calls over our network. With no call set up charges and per second billing over a tier 1 network you are guaranteed value for money. Our fully itemised billing will ensure you can keep a track of spending.

Call Recording System

Our reliable, innovative call recording products are designed to improve business performance in all areas. Reducing costs, improving customer retention and minimising liability. Call recorders are an independent piece of equipment which work with most phone systems and can easily be installed by Clear Telecom or your IT manager.

Business Mobile Phones

Business mobiles from ATARI are the best business mobile deals in Poland. We offer the latest handsets from the top network providers helping your business stay connected for less!

Business Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are a vital part of any business, displayed on all letterhead, emails, websites etc. ATARI can provide your business with the perfect number for you, whether it is to increase sales calls, discourage marketing calls, increase company revenue streams or just to ensure you can always keep the same number.


ATARI is Poland's leading VOIP provider. No other VOIP providers provide such a range of cost-effective tailored business solutions. ATARI offers IT Network Managed Services & Business VoIP Solutions that give businesses an easy way to communicate, no matter how far away your clientele or employees happen to be. But, almost every IT or Telecom company out there can provide that; what makes us different is the way we do it. With high quality networking solutions, some of the best phone products on the market, and an all or nothing approach to telecom and IT that can correct voice and data transmission problems, regardless of the trouble’s origin, it’s easy to see why so many choose ATARI. We know what you need, and we can make sure those necessities become a reality!

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